“Eve is fabulous. I have found my time with her to be renewing, opening and relaxing. My only regret is that I can’t have appointments more often in my busy life. She’s great!” —C.G., Clintonville, OH

“I highly recommend Eve for craniosacral therapy! She is very skilled at holding safe space for healing. Thank you Eve!” —A.P., Columbus, OH

“Eve is a warm, caring person. I always look forward to my appointments with Eve because I know I will feel relaxed and more focused afterwards. Eve takes the time to further her training, which shows me that she is committed to staying at the forefront of her profession.” —A.M., Granville, OH

“Eve’s work is gentle, both calming and freeing. I experience release of the fascia from my bones; deep relaxation, and afterward, renewal; awareness of the internal motion of my systems; and sometimes vivid imagery like cool dark vines growing out from my limbs to connect me to the trees and earth, or warm amber thick with light pouring through my body. The details of my experiences are always different, but each time I feel soothed, grounded, easy … her work helps bring balance to my be-ing.”—N.G., Clintonville, OH

“After spending months in physical therapy for neck tension, dizziness and headaches I was still struggling with relieving the pain in the front of my forehead. After one visit with Eve with her craniosacral therapy my headache shifted. It moved from the front of my forehead to the back of my skull. After the second visit my headache was relieved for the longest amount of time out of all the other therapies I had tried. These therapy sessions are a great way to relax and work out the pain in a gentle and safe way.” –L. L., Galloway, OH

“Wow! That was great! I’ll be scheduling again soon.”

“As soon as you put your hands on me I could feel my body respond. I can tell I really need this.”

“You are really intuitive.”

“I had a severe case of vertigo that was interfering with my balance. When I began inquiring about it I heard there was no cure, and that it would be an intermittent, lifetime problem. I had one session with Eve and within three days all symptoms were gone, and never returned. Even more, she tuned into and began treating some other issues, and I feel wonderful.” —E. S., Worthington, OH

“I went to Eve for craniosacral to treat a chronic neck injury from whiplash. Eve intuitively knew where my pain started and gently, expertly was able to treat it. I experienced immediate relief as well as clarity of thought and feeling emotionally nurtured for the rest of the day. I highly recommend her services to anyone who is looking for pain relief, deep relaxation or to feel more peaceful and centered.” —D. F., Worthington, OH