Craniosacral Therapy Session

Are you interested in Craniosacral Therapy? Have you had it recommended to you but you just have no idea what might happen? Curious about what a session is like? Let me describe what a typical session with me is like.

What the session looks like.

It is you on the table in comfortable clothes without your shoes on. You may have a blanket for warmth and/or comfort. I start at your feet, placing my hands there to get a sense of your basic craniosacral rhythm as well as where your fascial system is calling for attention. Depending on what I palpate, I will place my hands at various points on your body to initiate attention to that area and help your body direct change there. Sometimes my hands are very still, listening, waiting, helping your body to have awareness of what is going on. Sometimes my hands will initiate small light movements. These are times when I may be creating still points, which are gentle resets for your system. Other times, especially when I am working with your cranium, these are minute (really minute, super small, tiny) movements that help release fascial tensions affecting your cranial bones.

What you can do.

Opening up to a craniosacral therapy session is one of the key ingredients to making it work for you. Approach it as you would meditation. Take on the observer mode. Observe how your body responds to the placement of my hands in different areas. Your body will respond to touch in amazing ways including deep breaths, sighs, smiles, tears, a deep sense of relaxation. Let your body guide you, and observe. If observing activates your mind too much, listen to the music and pay attention to how your back is in contact with the table.

What happens afterwards.

After a session, please make time to integrate the work. The next couple hours you may feel a combination of  relaxation and enhanced awareness. Allow yourself some down time. Also, while you may feel immediate differences in your body, check in often over the following couple days to notice other changes as well. The work is gentle and profound and will create similarly gentle and profound changes in your body.